5 Tips For Booking A Hotel On The Cheap

Everyone is aware of the fact that one can easily save money if they opt for a budget hotel. But sometimes you just crave to have a five-star experience. Luckily, there are a few ways through which you can book a hotel for cheap without making any sacrifices in your choice for accommodations.

Here are five tips for saving money and booking a hotel room for cheap, no matter where you stay.

Time Of Your Booking

Time is essence in this case. On any day prices can vary as per the hotel’s liking if they think they will be able to fill all the rooms for the night. Your best time to book is before 24 hours of your stay; these are the times when hotels keep changing their prices just to fill their vacant rooms. But this creates a lot of uncertainty, and it’s not a wise thing to do if you are traveling to an unfamiliar place.

Revisit The Same Hotel

If you are a regular traveler and you visit the same location frequently, then you should book the same hotel as you can get great deals or offers. If the same hotel has a chain of hotels around the globe even

How to Find the Best Villa in Your Chosen Holiday Location

Holiday rental – much like any other kind of real estate – is a competitive market. For this reason, it’s all too easy for us to end up coerced into renting a low-grade rental for a luxury price tag, by agents desperate to rent out their properties.

Unlike the rental houses and apartments in our home towns, we’re not usually able to view a holiday home in person prior to booking. Unfortunately, clever marketing and professional photography can often dress these properties up and make them look better than they are. So how can you tell which listings are genuine?

You’ll want to start your search online. There are plenty of comparison websites that will allow you to scope out the prices of various holiday rentals, so you can get a good idea of what’s on offer. If you’re looking for a more personalised experience, it might be worth contacting an owner or landlord directly, or by using an agency local to where you’ll be staying.

If you type ‘villa rentals’ into Google, followed by your chosen location, you should be faced with a variety of search results. It pays to spend some time combing through them, as often the local, independent

What to Look for When Choosing a Villa Rental

A fulfilling holiday – much like a fulfilling life – is all about balance. You’ll no doubt want to spend some time by the pool, but you’ll also want to visit the sights when you find yourself immersed in another way of life. A luxurious villa located in a beautiful historical setting could provide the perfect getaway.

When you’re considering where to stay, there will be a number of things to consider. If you’re a big fan of historical buildings, there are plenty of renovated properties with plenty of character and charm to sate your yearning for more rustic architecture.

If this is the case, it’s a good idea to look out for a villa with all the charms of an old building, but that has recently been renovated to meet the demands of a modern lifestyle. Depending on your level of adventurousness, you’ll want to avoid ending up somewhere with no electricity, or where the heating drops out halfway through your holiday.

Luckily, there are plenty of properties out there that have been recently adapted to meet this exact specification. They will appeal to the culture-seekers among us, whilst providing all the comforts of modern life, such as telephone access, Wi-Fi

Why You Should Rent A Condo For Your Beach Holiday

If you’re thinking of jetting off somewhere sunny, you’ll need to decide on a place to stay. But with so many accommodation choices out there – from apartments to villas and hotels – it can sometimes be difficult to know which is the right option for you and your fellow holidaymakers.

Your decision will obviously rest on what rentals are available in your holiday destination. There will also be other factors to consider like how many people will be staying with you, what services and amenities you may require and what kind of holiday you are looking to have.

Some people prefer to be in the thick of the action (with direct access to bars, nightclubs and shopping centres) whereas others would rather abide somewhere more remote. Whatever your preference, there is bound to be a rental out there to suit your needs – you just need to know where to look.

A good hotel will obviously supply all the amenities and services that you might need on your holiday, but the price per bedroom can be high if you’re opting for 4 or 5 star establishments. There is also a lack of personal space, with no private kitchen or lounging area.


How To Make Your Short Term Rental Stay Enjoyable

Short term rentals are temporary homes you stay in when you just need to be away for a few days or weeks. They make so much better choices than hotels because they have a homely feel to them; they are actually fully furnished apartments that offer you the same comforts you would get at home. Vacation rentals are becoming very popular among holidaymakers and travelers because of the kind of privacy and convenience they offer.

But just like making any other selection, your overall experience depends on the decisions you make hence there is an importance of paying attention to the rental you end up in. To make your short term stay enjoyable and fulfilling, here are a few things you can do.

Think about where the rentals are located

Unlike hotel rooms that could offer you the convenience of having a restaurant and other amenities within the same property, this might not be the case with the vacation rentals. The rental properties could be located further from such facilities and you should always think about how flexible you are and how convenient you find the location for your stay so you are able to make the right choices. If you

Top Three Places in Thailand for a Spa Holiday

Thailand has become a popular spa destination and people from all around the world are choosing the country for their spa holidays. Many of the spa resorts in Thailand offer excellent packages that people can choose to meet their needs. There are spa resorts affiliated with major commercial chains in addition to the more personalized boutique resorts. Both have their own individual charm and come at different price points. You can choose whichever works the best for you.

Major commercial chain spa resorts offer standard services, and you can be sure of the good quality of their services since they are established and cater to many people. However, boutique resorts offer more personalized services and often better value.

If you are planning to visit Thailand for a spa holiday, here are the top 3 places to consider.

Koh Samui: The scenic, tropical beaches on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand make it one of the best locations for a spa holiday. The spa resorts here offer pampering spa services such as foot reflexology, Shirodhara, Ayurvedic treatments, Indian head massage and a range of traditional Thai spa treatments. You can choose services that target specific parts of the body if you are

Things to Consider While Booking a Hotel For a Sports Team

Travelling as a sports team is fun because it gives everyone a chance to explore new cities and to prove your mettle as champions. However, for the coach and the rest of the managers, this is also a hectic period especially when it comes to finding the best sports team accommodation. Many games have been lost because players did not get the best lodgings and the blame always goes to the management.

To avoid failing your fans, it is important to follow the following tips in order to find the best hotel for your players. Such an establishment not only boosts their morale but also guarantees nerves are not frayed as you head to the field. Here are some ideas to use:

1. Location

You have to consider the location of a sports team hotel to guarantee easy access to the stadium and other major amenities. You don’t want an establishment that is far away because this will affect training and you can even miss your event due to poor accessibility. Consider how easy it will be for your bus to get to the training grounds and the competition area before booking.

2. Group Size

Consider the number of everyone in the entourage because